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Pet Transport:

Relocating pets is an important service and we understand that pets are part of the family.

Pet owners all over the world need shipping for their dogs, cats, and other animals for different reasons, including a home relocation, a new job, family holiday, or new ownership from rescue shelters or adoption services.

We pride ourselves to enable all animals to join their families wherever they are and we know peace of mind is of the upmost importance to our customers when their pets are being moved.

Here are a few things to note when planning to transport a pet.

Animals will be transported in their own carrier or a carrier provided by Ibiza Transport.

All animals must travel with the following:

  • A completed and signed Pet Transport Form (Click to download Pet Transport Form )
  • A copy of customer passport (name on passport must match name on the booking form and be the registered owner of the pet)
  • A copy of the valid pet passport
  • Up-to-date health certificates
  • Other relevant and valid documents
  • The pet’s own carrier or a carrier provided by Ibiza Transport
  • Food and water plus notification of any dietary requirements
  • Food and water bowls
  • Blankets and bedding
  • Leash and toys
  • Seatbelt harness for small dogs

Ibiza Transport require payment and as much information as possible about the animal in advance.

We will always aim to collect a pet at the latest opportunity to minimise the amount of transport time. Unfortunately, Ibiza Transport is not insured to carry person(s) other than the driver and Ibiza Transport staff so we cannot allow customers to travel with their pets.

During transit, dogs will be walked on a lead every 2-3 hours. Other animals will stay secure at all times.

A message link (via WhatsApp) can be created between Ibiza Transport and the pet owner for regular transport updates during the journey. Please click the link below to read the important information and new rules relating to transporting pets from 1st January 2021 following Brexit:

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